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What's in a Name?

Or, how the C5 Fighter Squadron got its name.
by Racer Dan

Well, the C5 Fighter Squadron (C5FS) is not a club that just supports C5 Corvettes. It isn't a club that attacks C5 Corvettes either! So, what is the C5FS and how did we come to be called this?

It started in the pre-club status, when we were just a group of friends on the Internet. A handful of us were involved in a pretty good-sized verbal war over the design of the new Corvette. Some of us, through our rose colored glasses, felt there was no way that General Motors (we refer to them as "The General") would introduce anything less than worthy of the flagship name on its hood; but a lot of other people really were upset over the style change.

Rumors of it looking like a Mazda RX7 didn't help. After weeks of being practically the only believers in the world willing to stand up and try to halt the abuse GM was getting from enthusiasts, a couple of members of the C5FS actually captured the 'still' secret C5 Corvette on film.

These pictures were actually the very first pictures released of the new C5 Corvette without camouflage anywhere worldwide. These pictures put to rest many of the fears the C5 Corvette would ruin the Corvette name, we actually were the only people who had seen the Corvette and could talk about it to the enthusiasts (the press was under an embargo at the time). One of us even made hundreds of copies, and mailed them worldwide to others who requested them for the cost of postage.

Yes, the C5 Corvette is now a widely respected performance car, and fits the Corvette name well. But, for those several months, the C5 Fighter Squadron fought to support it when nobody else would. Hence the name: C5 Fighter Squadron.

After the release of the pictures, we sought to support all Corvettes, no matter what model. When someone would attack the Corvette name, we were there, with our "guns" drawn, ready to stand up for our Corvette name. I remember attacks on one man who actually singled out one model of Corvette, saying none of the other owners were true Corvette enthusiasts. We took to the air and fought for the rest of the Corvette enthusiasts worldwide. When a newspaperman insulted Zora Duntov, we took to the air again, and actually forced a retraction from him (The Vancouver Sun).

We wear our name proudly, and with honor. We fought the war when nobody else cared to, so we hold to our name, the C5 Fighter Squadron. No matter what the cause, if it deals with the Corvette, or the National Corvette Museum, we will be there, prepared to do whatever we can to support our flagship.

So, the next time you see our name, we hope you will come over and introduce yourself to us. For you will always find a Corvette friend in the C5 Fighter Squadron...

Save the wave, supporting the museum... :)
Racer Dan

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