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GM Confiscates Corvette!

Car under heavy security at the National Corvette Museum

The C5 is Here - Part 1

Spurred by a few lingering critics, the Squadron attempts to help them reconsider...

The C5 is Here - Part 2

A reporter gets the Junkyard Warrior's wrath for calling the Corvette "just another car..." and talks of bashing a Corvette with a sledgehammer for fun...

The C5 is Here - Part 3

A reporter in California writes a bad review about the new C5, so the Squadron decided to let him get a closer look...from 30,000 feet!

Zora Duntov


A special Red White and Blue Stars and Stripes C5 Fighter jet from a special man.


to another media slam of the C5

A New Mission

A couple of troublemakers at the Dale Earnhardt event at the NCM get their just reward from above...


Adams writes the ZR1 is nothing special, and singles out all late model Corvette owners as "not enthusiasts". The C5 Squadron decides enough is enough...

Road Atlanta

A day at Road Atlanta with the Corvettes on track, and a few BMW and Porsche's to play with...

Operation Milstead

A Ford fan decides he hates the new Corvette and will "key the side of the first C5 Corvette he sees! Then after addressing this threat, they head south to test a new high tech missile launcher...

Vancouver Sunset

A newspaper in Vancouver B.C. writes an article not only questioning if Zora Duntov is a great engineer, but if he even ever existed. The C5 Squadron responds!

Vancouver Cease Fire

After a brief intercept with the C5 Fighter Jet, the Canadian Fighter Pilots call a truce...

The Cybervette

A look into the future, Corvette style...

The Cybervette

Part 2

A Sighting

...eye-burning yellow?

C5 Squadron Attacks

a Corvette??? by JYW and Racer Dan

Weekend Cruise

by the Blue Streak

C5 Squadron Flies

to Labor Day 1997!!! by Racer Dan

The Missing Hat

by Racer Dan

The Last Road Race

at Road Atlanta by Racer Dan

Merry Christmas

from the C5 Squadron

The Desert Strike

by the Junkyard Warrior and the Joker

Do What You Gotta Do

by Racer Dan

Punishment Deserved

by Racer Dan

Educating Motor Trend

by C5 Fighter Squadron

NCM Fighter Squadron
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