NCM Fighter Squadron

Labor Day on Our Minds

by Blue Streak

It was a clear night in the hills of Tennessee and Kentucky for a change. All the rain and dreary weather has kind of had the Blue Streak in a depressing mood. It looks like a night like to night would be perfect Corvette weather!

As the Streak heads out the door for the Vette he just can't stand to fight off the urge to make a little more of a distant trip. He heads on down the 300 yard stretch to the secluded hanger that is shaded behind some green pastures.

As I slide the door open to the hanger I decide this will be a wonderful night to just make a cruise. Corvette weather indeed but to cruise with the Twin Ls1's, aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh.

In no time flat the Blue Streak is in the air. Bowling Green would be a good starting point. By the time the LS1's are warmed up I am in KY. The sight of the NCM sure looks good on this clear night. I make 1 circle around the NCM and head towards Illinois.

In 45 minutes the 440 mile track to Springfield is knocked out. I ease back on the throttles and ease the jet down low. WOW!!! Corvettes are everywhere! This brings back the memories of the NCM Grand Opening.

After about 20 minutes of cruising the town I think I will head on. Not a real good place to make a landing. Would sure hate to take out a Vette trying to make a stop.

The adrenaline is flowing now! I pull full throttle and head back towards the Green. I see the Golden Spire in sight so soon. The night is beautiful and so is the NCM. I take 1 more lap and tip my hat to the NCM. I make one more vow as I do a dip in the jet, this Labor Day I will do everything in my power to make the NCM event make the Illinois event look small. This might not happen overnight night I bid, but some day...

With this thought I head on homeward bound. I ease the engines back to almost idle and take a deep breath. I have made my pledge, I just hope that others will follow in the same path.

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