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GM Confiscates Corvette!

(AP) May 1, 2010

Stars and Stripes On or about April 1, 2010, General Motors confiscated a 1973 Corvette they claim was painted incorrectly. There was some discrepancy as to exactly what color it was supposed to be painted, but GM officials that worked at the Corvette Plant when this car was made claim they NEVER painted a Corvette this color, yet General Motors insisted that the car had to be confiscated in order to protect the good name of Corvette.

It is rumored that a source at MSNBC contacted an agency of the Federal Government, complaining that the car's paint job was illegal and not protected under the Constitution, especially since the Corvette is a trademark of General Motors, that General Motors is owned by the United States government, and that this was definitely a violation of the use of the design of the paint job. In addition, MSNBC claimed that the Tea Party is likely behind this abuse, but CNN reported that they have proof the ACLU was the group that really forced the recall by filing a complaint with President Obama that this car's paint scheme was found to be insulting to certain yet unidentified groups. One government official stated there was the script "Zora Special" along with the initials C5FS, found hidden somewhere in the Corvette's engine compartment that might help identify the persons behind this Corvette.

Glenn Beck of Fox News suggested that the car may have been the flagship for the newly formed Tea Party, especially after it was unofficially disclosed the Corvette was thought to be modified at an unnamed US Military Air Base (based on actual high resolution spy photos of it going through the front gate of this Base as Guards at the gate failed to check the car and instead saluted as it entered the base) where it could have been equipped with several Military Grade Weapons. This was uncovered after investigation revealed the safety pin flag (that keeps the missile from being accidentally activated on the ground and is removed once the missile is locked onto a plane and armed) was possibly from a sidewinder missile of US origin, (no actual weapons were attached to the car when it was picked up though). One General confirmed off the record that the Corvette might even be capable of sonic flight, and possibly have had a stealth mode prior to its confiscation.

Meanwhile, a Senate sub-committee made up of bipartisan members are investigating if the OBAMA Administration might possibly be attempting to interfere with the formation of the Tea Party by confiscation of the Corvette. Federal sources had no further comment, although the investigation appears to be deadlocked somewhere within the city limits of Washington, DC. Meanwhile, until the Federal Government decides exactly which department has jurisdiction over the car, this Corvette is being kept under lock and key as well as heavy security at the National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green KY.

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