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Ceasefire on Vancouver Sun

Cutaway We received this message just an hour ago...

There have been reports of a lone C5 Fighter Jet (from the clandestine C5 Fighter Squadron based in Bowling Green Kentucky, USA) in Canadian airspace. After pursuit by a select group of Canadian Fighter Pilots, the Corvette powered C5 evaded interception, and returned to USA airspace without engaging in warfare.

While the report does point out some of the top secret operational characteristics of the C5 Fighter Jet, it has not yet been determined if the Fighter Jet was indeed in non US airspace.

In an agreement with the Greater Vancouver Regional Defense Ministry, and their spokesperson Mike Hogan, the C5 Fighter Jet Squadron reportedly has agreed not to engage in any future attacks on the Vancouver Sun, provided they live up to their agreement to recognize Zora Duntov for the hero he was to all of the Corvette enthusiasts worldwide. This agreement was reached after several hours of negotiation, and is due in great part to the Vancouver Sun printing a retraction of their article about Zora Duntov.

It was also reported that the C5 Fighter Squadron regrets that the attack at the Vancouver Sun's headquarters had to be done (a missile attach one week ago destroyed a journalists vehicle, melting it into a small mass of metal in the parking lot), but at the same time believes that this appropriate response may have helped motivate the Sun into printing a retraction in such a timely fashion.

The C5 Fighter Squadron pledged to continue to monitor the Vancouver Sun for the next few months, in order to assure that this retraction was not a decoy for a greater attack in the future, and thanked Mike Hogan for his efforts to bring this issue to a close.

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