NCM Fighter Squadron

Christmas Flight

by the C5 Fighter Squadron

Best Wishes from the C5FS...

Santa was busy at the North pole. He was a little frustrated as well. Every year, the population of the world continues to grow, and the polar ice cap continues to shrink. Leaving little room for expansion, he is going to have to do something, and do it fast!

He knew he had been getting behind in his ordering. The wooden toys in the woodworking shop were being kicked out in record numbers, thanks in part to overtime hours by several Elves he had hired.

Strange, some would think, since where in the world could you possibly find Elves to interview for such an important job? But Santa has more connections that Ma Bell has wires, so it wasn't that hard to find them. The hard part was trying to get them to move North, to the wind blown ice cold climate Martha and him call home. With the labor shortage in the Eastern US, it made it a little more challenging this year, but somehow he always makes due...

With less than a week to go, they were supposed to be in the final stages of wrapping presents. But this year too much has gone wrong. The Reindeer seem to have retired, being replaced by a fleet of Corvettes General Motors gave them in 96. Wishing they were 97s, with more room inside and a trunk, he was still grateful, as the Corvette can fly ten times faster than a reindeer, even in the blowing snow! Therefore delivery schedules were shortened considerably.

With the backlogged work, Santa had no choice but to ask for any help he could get. Transporting supplies for the toys was the big problem this week, and while surfing on the internet, one of his Elves brought him a web page to consider. Santa took little time in sending out an email, and this is where it all started...

The General was the first to contact the group. This project was going to take a solid week of work, if all of the Squadron would help. So, an urgent appeal to the C5 Fighter Squadron went out. Each pilots' beeper went off simultaneously, and it was easy to figure out who 83883 was (hint - look at a telephone keypad). The General requested all of the pilots available assemble for an emergency trip to the north pole to help in securing supplies. General Motors had a great year in 96, and what better way that to help! So one by one the pilots took off for the pole.

From the West Coast, there was a Red Fighter Jet from California. On its newly painted surface, the pilot proudly displayed SSBTT, Inc. a top secret manufacturing operation. The Fighter was a brand new 98, one of only two in the fleet at present. Along with him was another Fighter, painted Camouflage colored, and the only thing on its side was one word - MODESTO. Another 98, a Blue Fighter, was a striking display when airborne on this clear day. This Blue Fighter was taking off from the far corner of the US, in Washington State, and just south of him was a Fighter from Oregon. Meanwhile, near Las Vegas, a Grand Sport Fighter Jet was blazing a trail toward the north.

As the Grand Sport Fighter passed over Idaho, another Fighter joined him. On the side of his fighter was a picture of a Potato. Strange emblem, we all thought, but be proud of what you are and where you are from the General told us.

Across the country, another group assembled. From Atlanta came a Gunmetal Gray and a Stars and Stripes Jet, and Arkansas sent out their Red colored Arkansas Flash. A Silver Limited Edition took off from Virginia, with a 69 painted on its' side. A once flattened yellow Fighter was on a vector from North Carolina to intersect with him, and together they were to pick up 4 more from the Tennessee and Kentucky area. One lone Fighter from the New England area was on a solo vector to join the rest of the gang somewhere over central Canada. It was the only one equipped with Side Pipes, all chrome, and they stretched the length of the warplane and spewed the twin LS1's exhaust out to the rear of the jet, just in front of the rear wheel...

The Squadron worked all week for Santa. They ran errands, picked up parts, and delivered toys to central distribution points around the world so Santa wouldn't have to fly all the way back home to restock. The weather was a challenge, but all of the pilots were happy the snow storm that hit on the Monday before Christmas was nothing more than a lot of blowing snow. With the newly equipped computer that measured yaw, speed, flap input, and controlled the throttle of the twin engines, it was much easier maneuvering in the bad weather. A necessary option, they all agreed.

The Squadron returned home to be with their families on Christmas eve. As they flew south, they programmed into their computers to do a little skywriting. They each took a turn spelling out a letter or two high in the sky for all to read. It was a special message, one that comes from each of them to all of their friends across the land and the water, on the nets of the world. It stated:

May the Christmas of 97 be special for all of you. May you find the spirit of Christmas in your stocking, enough hope in the first package you open to last you at least a year, and the gift of peace to all mankind hanging on your tree.

The C5 Fighter Squadron broke apart just after crossing the border. To their left they saw the C3 Fighter Jets of the Canadian Mounties they had met a few months back. As a few of them passed the Arch in St. Louis, they remembered settling a score with a Ford owner who swore he would key each new Corvette he saw...

The California Fighters were preparing to land, when they each recalled the story of the journalist who trashed the newest C5 Corvette, preferring to drive his BMW...that is until they took him for a ride one night in the General's newest addition. What is to come of the new year? What new adventures face the C5 Fighter Squadron as they continue their quest to support the National Corvette Museum, now that it is well on its' way to a great future?

Who knows ... but they will all find out next year, won't they! Until then, have a great holiday!!! And a safe trip home! And we hope to see you on Jan. 10th and 11th at the NCM ... just another day of fun at our true home away from home!

Save the wave, supporting the museum...

The C5 Fighter Squadron

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